The First E-Library in Georgian Language with Constant Renewal

The Library is the first innovative project to create the small E-library of Cultural Studies in Georgia. The library consists out of the four sections: the first section (SCHOOLS) is devoted to the main schools in Cultural Studies. The second section (CONCEPTS) assembles the short definitions and explanations of concepts widely used in the framework of Cultural Studies. This section, like the other ones, is constantly updated. It is a practical tool for the students interested in Cultural Studies. The third section (ARTICLES) collects some works on the various topics of Cultural Studies. The third section (TRANSLATIONS) brings the crucial works of the foreign researchers which are translated into Georgian by the members of the translation group at the Center of Comparative Civilization Studies. The fourth section (CIVILIZATION RESEARCHES) offers the bi-lingual scientific annual of the Institute of Cultural Studies at Iv.Javakishvili Tbilisi State University.

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The authorship rights are protected. Re-printing or publication of any original or translated material without the consent of the author is prohibited. The site is open for critical comments and suggestions for the further improvement of the library.

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