Laboratory of Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity Laboratory (CDL) was established in 2011 on the basis of the Institute of Cultural Studies and UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Dialogue. The aim of the Laboratory is to deepen the relationships between Tbilisi State University and Secondary Educational Institutions of Georgia.

We strongly believe that the laboratory will contribute to the interest of students in the new subject "World Culture". Activities of Laboratory will stimulate perception of cultural diversity as a value which should be respected and facilitated.

In the framework of the Memorandum of Agreement with the National Curriculum and Assessment Centre, CDL plans to implement the following activities:

  • Meeting with professor Vladimer Vardosanidze, the architect, coordinator of the working group on the subject "World Culture"
  • Meeting with professor Pal Tamas, director of the Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences, Hungary
  • Discussions with the representatives of media
  • Demonstration of films
  • Excursions together with the students and professors of TSU
  • Organization of the competition of the secondary schools’ students on the theme of cultural diversity
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